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What Clients Are Saying
Letter from Customer as seen on the HAPCO Forum:
"To all of you. Thank you for your response to my request for a reliable insurance agent. I was able to secure coverage by one of the carriers recommended by you. I might add, that I am saving a bundle and have better coverage.

I thought you would find my experience humorous and would like to share with you.

I wrote this in the form of an open letter: Here goes

Dear Insurance Agent;
I have decided to have my property insurance coverage with XYZ company and the agent John Doe. Please let me share my reason for my final decision.

I did not have to call John 3 times and email him twice just to get a quote. When I finally spoke to John, he was attentive and very helpful. He did not chew food in my ear while talking to me, and he called me from an office phone, not a cell with loud noise in the background.

He also had all of my emails in front of him, so he would have the correct information. He did not tell me that he was so busy that he did not have time to do a quote for me. He remembered that I was on a timeline.

He did not tell me that he was unable to give me a quote( after 3 phone calls to him not returned) because the address of my properties did not exist and that he had my wrong birth date. As I said earlier, he had my email in front of him, so he had the correct information. He did not have to "guess" He did not say to me when I called him on the phone" Oh what was this about again? Please give me all the info one more time". In other words, he was very organized."

I think you members get the picture. In all seriousness, I decided on Andy Shamberg from Liberty Insurance because he was helpful, knowledgeable, responded in a timely manner, and very professional. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Diane Liotta

Short and Sweet Praise from a Customer
"Kudos to Liberty Insurance..."

Elaine Watson

Testimonial from a Customer of Over 20 Years
"My firm has been doing business with Mr. Engel for nearly 20 years. Having decided after a previous relationship with another agency for almost 40 years of our company's 102 year history, Liberty's high level of professionalism, attention to client needs and details by every member of the staff there, in addition to extremely competitive product lines and rates, won us over and has, ever since, been the right fit for us.

We have never regretted our decision and have, in fact, recommended Liberty Insurance to numerous other property owners, most of whom are small firms."

Robert C. Levin

Center City real estate broker and property owner/manager. Two hundred plus units insured with Liberty Insurance Brokers.
"4:00 on a Friday afternoon. Emergency. Insurance lapsed at one of our locations. We needed coverage ASAP, so we called Liberty. They bound us immediately and there was no exposure over the weekend. Other insurance brokers write policies. The Liberty staff solves problems. They know and understand my business. As for premiums, over the years their relationships with a number of underwriters has saved me thousands."

Member Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia. Six years in business.
"Six years ago I started with 53 units. Now I have over 700 and employ 25 people. I've been with Liberty since the beginning. Like me, their founder, Scott, is an entrepreneur. The staff at Liberty knows you have to be aggressive to get new business ... and more aggressive to keep it. Liberty has always been quick on renewals, claims or any other issues that come up. Plus they are great at the back and forth of dealing with lender requirements whenever we buy additional locations."

Ten-year customer. Over one hundred tenant occupied dwellings covered by Liberty Insurance Brokers.
"Liberty really goes to bat for their customers. Anything from supporting a vigorous defense against bogus slips and falls to finding coverage for tough to place properties. Their accounting processes are accurate, and up to the minute. We have many entities, but Liberty makes it easy by breaking out all costs on a per-unit basis. Frankly, they make my business run better ... and more profitable."

HAPCO member. Center City developer and builder. Two hundred plus properties covered by Liberty. Client since 1999.
"Liberty's help frees me up to spend more time growing my business - less time on clerical details and filling out forms. The result, I make more money. Their reports make it a lot easier to prepare P & L statements for each entity and location. Plus the MasterPolicy™ developed by Liberty Insurance Brokers puts all my buildings on one policy. I pay one bill - nothing slips through the cracks."
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